Web Site a Resource for Information about Algebra for Young Students

August 21, 2003

Are you looking for resources about early mathematics teaching and learning? The Early Algebra, Early Arithmetic web site contains links to twelve publications, written for educators, researchers and policy-makers, that provide an in-depth introduction to the work of TERC's Early Algebra project team. Publications include excerpts from books and journals, as well as conference proceedings and symposium papers.

The research from the Early Algebra project and others should help to clarify what works and what does not work in elementary math classrooms. But more importantly, it should help to clarify the issues young learners inevitably face when they attempt to grapple with concepts important to their development as mathematical thinkers.

Publications from the site generally include specific examples from classroom episodes and students' work, and are designed to help to identify fruitful types of learning activities for educators and curriculum developers. Visit http://earlyalgebra.terc.edu.